… I wondered about the possibility of time travel

A story of time travel and adaptation

The extract below is a description from H G Wells’ The Time Machine (1895).  In the scene the Time Traveller is narrating to his associates the fantastic adventure from which he has just returned. Continue reading


… I discussed the literature review process on #phdchat

This week’s #phdchat topic was the process of the literature review.  There was talk about using NVivo to handle this integral aspect of the thesis, and I mentioned that I’d had a little experience using it in this way, and that I had written a review.  It was written for a compulsory research training module I did last year (hence being a tad formulaic), but a few people expressed an interested in it so I will put it up here.  An extract of the review portion is below, as this may be the most useful to you.  You can see the full paper (including the bibliography) here if you like. Continue reading